When to Hire a Child Support Attorney

If you have custody of a child, you may need to hire a child support lawyer. When you do not have custody of your child, you may need to contact a child support lawyer. In fact, there are many situations which could cause the need for child support issues to head to court and when they do, it is essential that attorney is there. You can go to jail for failure to pay child support but that is only one of the reasons the lawyer is unimportant person to reach out to at this time.

You’ll find that numerous factors affect the child support order that the judge ordered and that is currently in place. This amount is usually set up during a divorce proceeding but in not every situation. Changes that occur after a divorce can impact this amount. It is the parent’s responsibility to petition the court to request an increase or a decrease in the child support amount. A child support attorney fullerton can handle the paperwork and other headaches that are involved with filing the petition. Some of the reasons that an increase in child support is warranted include:

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·    Increase in money non-custodial parent earns

·    Loss in employment

·    Decrease in pay

·    Substantial change in circumstances

·    Injuries or conditions that require the child to receive medical treatment

·    Increase in costs of housing

These issues are only some of the many problems that warrant an increase in the amount of support that you currently receive for the children. It will not cost you a penny to talk to an attorney to learn if you might qualify for an increase in support. As a parent, it is your duty to provide for your children. Part of that involves child support. Do not hesitate to speak to an attorney who can help you with this important matter.

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